PASE Audience Survey 2017

This survey, when it is ready for public use, will collect information about our audience. What kind of performances do you want? What charities would you like to support? As long as your suggestions fit with our mission, we will make efforts to include your wishes.

Include your contact information, if you'd like to be kept informed about our events.

Your responses below will help us craft future events that will be enjoyable, and will draw in enough people to amass a worthwhile donation to your preferred charity or charities.

1. What kind of programs would you like to see us produce? (Keep in mind that there is no budget, except for any payment required by the concert venue.)

2: What charities are you interested in supporting?

3. If you'd like to be on our email list, please send us your address. We promise we will only send an occasional email, at most a few times a month.

4. If you’d like to help us out in other ways, please write a brief description of your thoughts here. Include your contact information, if you'd like us to get in touch (or leave your email above).

5. Any additional comments or ideas?

6. How did you hear about the April 3rd concert?

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